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How to connect Canon Printer to iPhone ?

Canon Printer and Airprint technology:

  • Canon printer can be connected to iPhone using Airprint technology which is all the user needs to ensure that the canon printer and phone are connected to the same wifi network.
  • Open the print dialog box from the settings tab from devices with the canon printer section and select your canon printer; both printer and phone need to connect to the same wifi network. Next, open the document by clicking on the share button located next to the file. It will help you to print directly from your iPhone. Airprint will allow you to make your device visible to you automatically without much effort.

Canon Printer Compatible with Airprint:

  • The technological advances of the Canon organization have created a new list of canon printers that comes with Airprint compatibility mode. It enables iOS users to print effectively and freely without having to go through a difficult printing process. Canon inkjet printers for MG6220, MG5320 and MG8220 have Airprint compatibility features.
  • To print any text or images, I need to scan the available canon printer and print it directly from the Canon printer. The only thing that needs to be confirmed is that the canon printer and iPhone are connected to the same wifi.

Is the Wifi network important when printing from iPhone:

  • Every iPhone uses Airprint technology to create simple or complex printing instructions as this does not require installing an additional Canon printer driver to print. So the answer is yes, wifi is important for printing as mobile data and hotspots do not have enough capacity to perform free printing operations.

How to Print from Airprint using iPhone:

  • Select the application and open it where you wish to print.
  • To enable the print option to tap the share icon in the app.
  • Suppose the print option is not available in the user guide of the tap or the app’s help section to enable the same. The application may not support Airprint technology.
  • Please select the Airprint option and select the available Canon printer.
  • Select and specify the number of copies and then tap to print.

How to check and cancel printing work:

  • To complete the above task, the app button helps.
  • To view print jobs click on the switch and select the print center option.
  • To cancel print jobs, click on the switch, select the print center option, and cancel the print job.

 How to install canon printer on iPhone:

  • This can be done while selecting a document or image. Next, click the print option in the app. It will provide you with a list of Canon printers available in the network range. Finally, select your Canon printer from the add printer and give the print command to complete the task.
  • To add a printer, tap the name of your Canon printer you wish to add. This will now be added to your device.
  • Suppose you want to print from an email tap the share icon next to the email after opening it. This will allow you to print.

Canon Phone Print App:

  • This app is called the Canon Image class. This app is designed for the user to use a canon printer from iPhone. You can open photos and print them directly. Moreover, you can sync the app to various documents and print those documents.

The main features of the app are as follows:

  • Print up to 20 images at a time.
  • Setting paper sizes in a fast and easy way.
  • Allows you to set detailed Canon settings such as color page 2 2 side print etc.
  • Save details and photos etc. For most devices, this is for iOS devices which is not supported by all devices.
  • Automatically detects any Canon printers in a specified network range or at canon.com/ijsetup.
  • There are two restrictions you can not check using this app or keep your documents and media files within the app.
  • The app supports all types of printable data and media files.

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Canon is among the most useful products because of its whole thing. In same style, “Canon printers” will be the useful. This printer gives you the right / best value for printing, and you can join and write a letter with it. Now, the phone is used by most people, and they like to publish their work using their mobile phones. However, it is important to know how to join your canon printer on the phone.


From the article above, we have collected how to connect the iPhone to a canon printer to be printed seamlessly and powerfully. We also calculated simplicity and ease of use.

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