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Clothing Stores That Accept Checks Online

Buying clothes or other items may be one of the biggest things we do to free ourselves from stress, that is if money and time allow us. With the advent of online stores, shopping for ourselves and our loved ones has become much easier compared to the usual shopping mall. It’s much safer than carrying a lot of money and going to the mall to spend it.

Just imagine putting something you like or something that catches your eye on your online shopping cart and checks it out while you sit down and relax on your couch. The best part is that you can pay using a credit card or a check. Several online stores already accept checks as a payment method for the products you are buying.

As we all know, two types of checks can be used to replace a real cash payment or as they call it “good as cash”. Payment can be by e-check or your check depending on the store you are looking at. The only thing is that not all online clothing stores accept these types of transactions to save you from trouble, we have listed the top ten clothing stores that accept checks online as a payment method.

How Do Stores Work on Your Test Payments?

Before we go through the list of these 10 clothing stores that accept checks online, we will reveal a little secret of how they can handle checks as a payment method. You can’t just magically put your hands inside your computer screens or mobile phones and give checks to online retailers. These online stores have their way of verifying and accessing checks sent to them.


Electronic checks or eChecks are one of the most common payment methods for many online stores that accept exchanges for their products. To pay using eCheck, you must have a checking account in your bank and manage payment by transferring money to an online store account. In this way, the transaction will be easier and faster compared to the previously mentioned method.

Paper check

This is probably the most common type of check payment we are most aware of. A common paper check is that the banks give you where to deposit the money by hand, put the name of the store or person, and paste your signature on it. What online clothing stores do for such transactions is that you have to send them a check first before they can process the items you are going to buy.


You can use PayPal to pay for the goods you want to buy with funds directly from your checking account. All you have to do is link your checking account to your PayPal account and get ready to go. This method is another easy way to pay for things you want to buy online.

List of Clothing Stores That Accept Checks Online


Here is another American company that is very popular among the malls and those who follow unusual clothing as well as accessories. In particular, the age-targeted for this product is that between children aged 4 to 17 years and adolescents.

There is an option available on the checkout page where you can choose to pay using PayPal. Sign in to your account and continue paying for the clothes you put in your cart.

The American eagle

This market for American clothing stores and clothing stores is focused on university students even though some adults prefer to wear their clothes. Popular items from this clothing store include low-rise jeans, designer T-shirts, polo shirts, boxers, shorts, underwear, and swimwear. American Eagle or American Eagle Outfitters is known as the parent company of Aerie.

There is a PayPal option if you continue to check your items and from there, you can sign in to your existing PayPal account and continue paying.


Adidas is a German sports company that offers not only quality footwear for sports use but also sportswear. It is one of the leading companies in terms of sports and equipment. With such a world-class quality, it is not surprising that many people prefer to choose this product over others and it is easy to give their online clients a paycheck that adds to their performance.

Once you have selected the items you want to buy online, you can select the PayPal payment method during the test and log in to your existing PayPal account to continue.


Walmart Inc., or formerly known as Wal-Mart Stores Inc., is another American international trading company that accepts checks as an online payment method. Mostly, Walmart is known for selling food but there is also a store where you can buy clothes for people of all ages and genders.

At the exit, select the PayPal option and sign in to your existing account. For paperwork, once you have completed placing your order, select the “Pay with Cash” option at checkout and deliver your paper checks to the nearest Walmart.


Macy’s, formerly known as R. H. Macy & Co., is an American shopping mall that offers a wide range of clothing from men’s clothing to women’s clothing and has a line of children’s clothing, toddlers, and large size.

You can freely choose the PayPal option when you log out and sign in to your existing account to continue paying.

JC Penney

Here is another American store series that accepts the check as a payment method for their items. Mostly, the items sold at JC. Penney is clothing, shoes, and cosmetics. In addition to accepting checks as an online payment method, J.C. Penney also offers free shipping of their products once the appropriate fees have been paid.

Like other online stores that accept PayPal as a payment method, there is an option during checkout where you can select PayPal and log in to your existing account to get an error-free and cashless payment method.

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