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Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

If you have been thinking about installing your windows, you have no doubt seen the new ceramic options many companies offer now. Like you, I wondered “Is ceramic window tint worth it?” To get my answer I decided to do a little research on the subject, and then get a thumbs up myself so I can report my results to you!

Technical benefits of Ceramic Tint:

Reducing Temperature: 85% heat reduction, this means that it prevents 85% of heat outside your car

UV protection: 99% UV protection. This blocks almost all UV rays that cause cancer.

Window Protection: Powerful Script and Crack Layer

Does Ceramic Window Tint Do Better Than Normal Tint?

It turns out that Ceramic window tint says it is better in almost every way. Now I will explain how this came about with my results below, but on paper these things are awesome! It lasts longer than plastic and metal objects. It has the highest heat resistance I have ever seen. 3M’s ceramic window tint is 80% effective in resisting heat. I live in Phoenix, AZ so you deserve that. It’s like getting a screen protector in your windows. Ceramic holds everything together better. So that means anything, anyone, trying to hit your window is going to have a hard time. Extra security and protection from those stones that turn you on the road, or that golf course that deviates from the parking lot.

Welcome to Ceramic Window Tint

The future is here because of the nanotechnology that makes a ceramic window show the possibility. We’ve never before been able to make simple ceramic sheets, but why does this change the game? The ceramic window tint is published full of benefits and quality that beats another product in water. Below I will list its most shocking benefits.

Like you you are always in the Shadow

If the tint in your car or windows tint your ceramic tint does one thing better than anything else there and that is heat resistance. With a temperature resistance, 80% ceramic window tint does 15% better than the main option before it. The benefits of your car include keeping your car’s temperature low when exposed to too much sun. This means that when you are in a store, it is as if you are standing in the shade! In your home or business, as I’m sure you can guess, the energy benefits are enormous. Your windows will have a high degree of efficiency and your bills will be reduced as well as the demand placed on your A / C unit.

Security you can rely on

Ceramic color brings a new benefit to the table in the world of touch. Because of its durability, ceramic window tint serves as a weapon for your car, home, or business windows. This hardshell of defense does not break easily when it wants to stop or at least slow down any criminals. This additional level of protection can make a difference if you have been a victim of a robbery or carjacking.

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