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How To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Color

This blog offers four easy ways to fix canon printers and not print color.

Canon is a Japanese manufacturer that produces high-quality products related to the field of optical and imaging. Canon has made its name in print devices as one of the best types of printers. Every device for some unexpected cause may encounter a problem. One common mistake that Canon printer users face is that of Canon Printer Not Printing Color.

Why Can Canon Printer Not Printing?

The printer, including: can print some basic radix rendering colors.

  • Unused printer drivers
  • Ink levels in cartridges are low
  • Error setting Canon printer
  • Incompatible ink cartridges
  •  The wrong connection between application and printer

If you are confused about what to do next, you are in the right place. This blog provides complete printer troubleshooting procedures for fixing the “colorless canon printer” problem.

How Can You Resolve Canon Printer Not Printing Color?

Method 1: Check the ink level in the cartridges

Due to the low ink levels in the color cartridges, the canon printer may not print colors. To fix this problem, do the following:

  • Open the printer and carefully remove the ink cardboard.
  • Check the quality of the ink in the cartridges.
  • If the ink volume is low, replace the cartridges with new ones.
  • Set up again and try demo printing.

Method 2: Check print settings

In some cases, the color printing option is not enabled because this problem may arise. To edit color print settings, do the following:

  • Press Start> Settings
  • Visit on “Printers and Scanners” option and right-click on the printer you are using.
  • Select Properties. Make sure color printing is enabled. If not, enable it and save the changes.

Option 3: Printer driver update

  • Printer drivers create connections between the printer and the system; therefore, they play an important role. To ensure driver performance or update the driver or install new drivers from the official Canon website.


Method 4: Perform a power cycle

  • Try turning off your printer and unplugging all printer cables. Please open it and tighten all the strings. Give the print command to check if the problem has been resolved.

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