Procedure To Fix Canon Printer Error U052

Procedure To Fix Canon Printer Error U052

You have done the printing work, and in the middle, you are met with a Canon552 printer error. It can be frustrating, and the level of frustration will be commensurate with the value of the print job. Does it agree with you? In that case, you can relax as you arrive at the place where you will solve your problem.

The blog will talk about the canon printer error 2502 and ways to avoid it and reduce it.

What’s wrong with the 2502 canon printer?

The canon printer error 2502 occurs when the print head is incorrectly inserted or incorrect. It is a common problem and can be easily remedied. However, this problem also arises when there is no print head to print. Read the printer troubleshooting steps below given to minimize this error.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 052

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error u052

  • Open the printer entry door. This will expose the cartridges and print head.
  • Disconnect the power cord of the printer.
  • Remove the shell from the structure. This will expose the print head.
  • Remove print head.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth, clean the print head.
  • Reinstall the print head followed by ink cartridges
  • Make sure they are set correctly.
  • Close the cover and connect the power source.
  • Perform demo printing to see if the Canon U052 error has been fixed or not.

Troubleshoot Error 052 if no print head is inserted

  • Turn off your printer.
  • Open the printer lid. If there are no cartridges or a print head, the cartridge slot will be in the middle.
  • Place the print head on the sliding rail next to the shell space.
  • Set the cartridges correctly.
  • Close the cover and check if the problem has been transferred or not.

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