Brother Printer is not Printing

Brother printers are known as the topmost vendor of printers in the marketplace. Brothers printers are known as one of the best printers used all over the world. Brother printers are used as a complete solution for business and home purposes. Brother printer has many unique features that help a user with the work. 

Besides its advanced technology, excellent performance, the brother printer user faces many issues while using it. These issues don’t let the user work. Here, we have listed some of the common problems which a brother printer user faces. Here is the list of issues due to which the brother printer is not printing.

Brother printer paper jam issue

 Paper jam is a common problem which users face with printers. If such an issue arises, then open the front cover so it can cool down. Now slowly take out the toner cartridge assembly and drum unit. Pull out the paper tray and also pull out the jammed paper. Make sure to remove the jammed paper properly.

Brother printer not printing black: – There are many factors due to which brother printer is not printing black such as printer not used often, tanks not being mixed enough causing sediments to gather at the bottom of the tanks, or inferior quality ink being used.

Brother printer not printing double-sided: – If your brother printer is not printing double-sided, follow the given steps. 

  • Open printer driver.
  • Choose the primary tab.
  • Check the reverse order.
  • Now, choose the advance tab.
  • Select other printer options.
  • Select the print order option.
  • Select Print odd pages and click ok.

Brother printer problem with windows 10: – If your brother printer is having a trouble with windows, then here are some steps which you need to follow:  

Open the computer control panel and click on devices. Click on the brother printer and remove it. Now uninstall the software and reinstall it. 

Brother printer problems with MAC

If you are having brother printer problems with mac, then there are commonly two reasons. The first is the wrong settings, and then the second is outdated printer drivers.

Brother printer wifi issue: -If the brother printer wifi issue occurs, then follow these steps: – 

  • On the machine control panel, select the menu and click ok.
  • Now select network and click ok.
  • Preferred network reset and press ok.
  • Press 1 to yes, again press 1 to reboot.
  • Now it will ask to set up wifi.
  • Press ok three times to open the setup wizard.
  • Choose wifi network, select it and enter a password.
  • Press 1 to apply settings, and you will be connected to wifi.


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