Bhujangasana Yoga: Steps and Benefits

Bhujangasana Yoga: Steps and Benefits

The word “Bhujang” is a Sanskrit word and is derived from the Sanskrit language. Bhujang means snake, and Bhujang-asana is also called “serpent posture.” Bhujangasana is called Cobra Pose in English. Bhujang asana is one of the famous asana. It is very effective for back pain patients who are suffering from back pain. In Suryanamaskar, which is called the complete exercise, Bhujangasana comes in the seventh order. By doing this beneficial posture every day, the shoulders, hands, elbows, back, kidneys, and liver get strength and get rid of many diseases.

How To Do Bhujangasana Steps?

Here are the steps to perform bhujangasana.

To do Bhujang posture, first of all, choose a clean place. After that, lie down on the stomach.

Then lengthen and spread both the corners of the mat and place the chin on the ground. Keep both elbows adjacent to the ribs from both sides and place your palms of both hands on the floor. 

While doing Bhujang Asanas, take special care that the claws of both hands should always be placed just below both shoulders (on the ground).

In this step, attach your head to the ground. And then close both your eyes while inhaling the air, slowly raising the chin, and then lifting the neck up towards the sky. Then submit your chest slowly. And then lift your stomach slowly up.

While moving the neck upwards, bend your back backward (like a command). To raise, exert force from the body, apply as little pressure as possible on the hands. 

After coming in this posture of Bhujang Asana:

  1. Open both your eyes and keep breathing at average speed.
  2. Maintain this asana mudra for twenty seconds to thirty seconds.
  3. Start moving the body downwards.

After returning to the posture from where you started the posture by lying on your stomach, rest your posture by holding your head on both hands or applying your head from the ground, as long as the Bhujang posture takes place.

Time Duration Of Bhujangasana

Bhujang asana should be done up to three times in the beginning. With practice and time, you can increase the sets at your convenience.

The Bhujang Asana Mudra should be done for a maximum of twenty to thirty seconds; the time limit can be extended with practice.

What are the Benefits of Bhujangasana

  • Bhujang Asanas helps women with problems related to the menstrual cycle as well as with reproduction diseases.
  • Bhujang asana is beneficial for asthma patients. 
  • Bhujang’s posture strengthens the backbone. It is helpful in Constipation and gas problems. It helps in burning fat. 
  • By practicing Bhujangasana, kidneys and liver remain healthy. If a person has suffered from a kidney stone, liver, or stomach-related disease, then with the help of Bhujang asana, this disease can be cured. It is also helpful in increases the immunity power of the body.
  • People who have sitting jobs ran into the problem of excess fat around the abdomen and waist. Bhujang Asanas are helpful to reduce fat from the stomach and waist.

Side-Effects For Bhujang Aasana

  • While performing the Bhujang posture, it is essential to make sure that the palms of both hands have the same weight.
  • Severe back injury / serious back pain patient should be done only after the advice of the doctor. This posture should not be done if you suffer from stomach pain. 
  • The hernia patient should not “do” the Bhujang posture.
  • Pregnant women should not do Bhujang asana.
  • Ulcer patients should not perform Bhujang asana.

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