best sun protection products for summer

Learn about the best sun protection products for summer 2022

Are you excited to surf through magnificent ocean waves? Lay on the golden sand while having a sweet, delightful ice cream? If you are ready to hit the summer season, don’t waste time staying inside your home. Go out right now! But first! Have you already applied your sunscreen?

In this article, I will guide you on sun protection products that you can purchase to protect your precious skin from the scorching sun to enjoy the summer holiday. But first-

Why do we need to apply sunscreen?

Sunscreen containers include a label indicating their SPF intensity (commonly 15, 30, 50). SPF means “Sun Protection Factor” on the other hand; the number indicates how hard the applied SPF can prevent your smooth skin from dangerous sunburn. For instance, if you’re using sunblock with an SPF of 30, your skin would be secured 30 times longer than when you don’t apply sunblock.

Even though the heat isn’t blazing, several clinicians and researchers suggest applying at least SPF 15 sunscreen.

IHerb Sunscreens products

Here is the list of the products

 Everyday Defense Facial Lotion and Sunscreen, SPF 30 by Eucerin

This dermatologically tested lighter-weight broad-spectrum SPF 30 moisturizing product protects against long-term ultraviolet rays exposure. It has UVA/UVB sunscreens that include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. SPF 30 by Eucerin moisturizes your skin for 24 hours and has been tested and verified to be friendly for people with sensitive skin.

 Thinkbaby, Sunscreen, SPF 50

Thinkbaby SPF 50 is a top-rated, extremely efficient sunblock free from ecologically dangerous substances and strong but delicate enough to use by pregnant women and babies. This broad-spectrum sunblock containing SPF 50 protects against Uv exposure, is completely waterproof, and lasts up to 80 minutes. Also, it applies smoothly without making infants’ skin greasy. Suitable to be used in the heat as well as on the sea.

 Cetaphil Pro SPF 30

Cetaphil Pro SPF 30 is a compact 3-in-1 face moisturizing product that hydrates, minimizes heat, and protects your skin from the sun’s harmful radiation. Its oil-free moisturizer has been clinically tested to remove excess grease, minimize shine without clogging pores, and leave skin looking sluggish. Provides 24-h refreshment to skin that is smooth and natural-looking.


 Aveeno’s SPF 50 Sunscreen 

Aveeno® keeps your perfect skin protected, allowing you to embrace the summer daily. Aveeno® Positively MineralTM Moisturizer, featuring a Broad Spectrum of SPF 50, includes 100 percent zinc oxide (ZnO) and provides skin protection against UVA/UVB. Aveeno® non-oily natural sunblock with hydrating oats is soothing and not harmful and irritating to your skin.

 Neutrogena’s SPF 50 Hydro Boost and Lotion

Neutrogena® Hydro-Boost featuring Helioplex® Nanotechnology provides a broad-spectrum shield from harmful UVA/UVB and a lightweight sensation. It hydrates the skin and gives it a natural and healthy glow.

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