Best Free Genealogy and Family History Websites

Finding the ancestors for free is like an impossible task. Wherever you turn, access based on subscriptions seems to be the only way to get the information for the family tree you’re looking for. But before you take that second step, take the time to do some research on some of these free websites. Each of them is reviewed and selected by our experts.

We have provided links and resources to sites of great value to you as a family historian. 

Free General Genealogy Websites


This free genealogical record holder is growing. Click the Information tab to search data from Southern Provinces, military records, small-town newspapers and a Guion Miller Roll reference to Cherokee members. The latter adds to what was already a bookmarking site that should have Native American roots.

Family Search

More than 2,200 (and growing) online collections make this the largest online home to release genealogy data, with the latest updates illuminating Italy, South America and important US records. 

HeritageQuest Online

Free to your home computer with the submission of your library card through participating institutions, HeritageQuest is now “powered by” (but not owned by ” This includes complete US census, military and immigration records, and city references. Click Search and scroll down to open multiple US records and selected international information details.

Olive Tree Genealogy

Since its launch in 1996, this humble website has grown into a useful collection of how to help with information. It is very strong on passenger records, heritage groups such as the Palatines and Native American Indians, and unusual records, such as those for orphans and child shelters.


This reputable free site still works with how articles are made, information on US surnames and locations, email lists, gene files and much more – making it an oldie but a goodie.


The volunteer site recently celebrated its 20th birthday with an easy-to-use review. Its regional and regional pages and special projects are always as bright as ever. 

Free Websites for Sharing Your Genealogy



Not only by sending political rants and photos of your children, but the largest social networking site in the world is also a useful tool for finding cousins ​​and sharing the research you find. 


Start your online tree here, look for similarities between 114 million profiles and invite family members to work together.


Winner of the Developer Challenge to the FamilySearch conference of 2013 RootsTech, Treelines takes an extended approach with online family trees, helping you turn your family charts into ancestral stories.

We Relate

This wiki-style project from the Foundation for Online Genealogy has more than 2.8 million pages for its members’ members.


This shared family tree includes more than 13 million profiles donated by more than 400,000 pedestrians from around the world. Don’t let the shock frighten you, though: Today’s family history is confidential; as you go back in time, the privacy controls open.

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