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AOL Mail Not Working?


Why is AOL mail not working?

Usually, there can be reasons for AOL Mail not working like because of heavy internet traffic, routing problems and issues in mail servers. So you unluckily have to wait till your mail is delivered. So if you have a problem with viewing or receiving your mail, it could be happening because of these reasons. So most of the issues can be fixed just by some simple steps. 

Fix AOL mail related problems with some simple steps and also find solutions through our AOL customer support services.


Fix Problems in receiving AOL mail 

Sign in to your AOL mail account and if you’re able to read mail but not able to find any new mail then you have to follow some simple steps.


Check your filters

Sometimes mail filters can move your mail directly to the trash folder or any other folder. So you just have to check if you have created any filter to make sure your messages are correctly organized. Your mail can also be in your spam folder. So if you find any mail which shouldn’t be there then just click on the spam folder, select the message that isn’t spamming and on the top of the page click, not spam.


The problem in viewing images attached to AOL mail

It’s usually not a very big problem, you can adjust it very easily. This issue generally occurs because of the problem with the mail server. So if you have tried every method to view the image then it’s better to try again later. You will be able to see the image after a few minutes. Sometimes images cannot be viewed because of the unsupported file format. So ask the sender to send it in proper file format.


The problem in reading and retrieving mail

Having problems in reading and retrieving your mail then follow these simple steps. 

Use AOL Basic mail it will let you see the mails in a simpler layout. This often helps you when you have a slower connection speed. 

Reset your web settings because sometimes installing multiple browsers can lead to changes in your web settings. Just simply reset your general web setting without resetting your all web setting on your device. 

Clear your cache from time to time these little bits of info storage cause some sites to have loading errors. So wipe out all the unwanted bits of info to make the run overall better. 


AOL Mail not working on iPhone 

Having problems signing up in AOL mail then you have to reset your password. AOL app works best in the latest version of IOS software. To resolve most of the app issues just make sure that you have the latest IOS installed on your device. If it’s still not working then simply restart the app again or either delete it and reinstall it. 

To resolve all your AOL mail problems by going through some simple and effective steps. So you can easily assist and manage your account.


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