Activate KeyBank Debit Card

How to Activate a KeyBank Debit Card? If you are a Keybank user and want to activate your KeyBank debit card, you need to follow the instructions mentioned in the article to activate a Keybank debit card.

There are numerous ways to activate a Keybank debit card. In this article, methods are explained to start a KeyBank debit card in easy ways.

Activate a KeyBank Debit Card Online

Activating a KeyBank debit card online is one of the easiest methods through which users can start a KeyBank card. Here are the steps to activate the KeyBank debit card online.

1: Sign in to KeyBank debit card online banking. Here is the link through which you can visit KeyBank

2: After sign in to the KeyBank account, users need to open the menu and select ” Activate Card.”

3: Follow the steps guided on the screen.

4: After following the steps, users need to check the email to confirm the KeyBank debit card activation.

Note: In case if users did not receive an email, then they can enroll with KeyBank. Here are the steps users need to follow.

1: Users need to call on 1-800-539-6338.

2: Users need to provide their KeyBank account number, social security number, and email address.

3: After providing the information associated with the KeyBank account, users can log in to their account.

Activate a KeyBank Debit Card by Phone

Another method to activate the KeyBank debit card is by phone. It is one of the easiest ways to start a KeyBank card. Users need to call on 1-866-295-2955, which is the support number of KeyBank.

After calling on the number, users need to provide their social security number, bank account number, and email address.

The easiest way is to activate a KeyBank debit card is through the hotline provided by KeyBank, which is 1-800-KEY2YOU®. 

You Can Activate a KeyBank Debit Card in Branch

If you cannot activate a KeyBank debit card through the above methods, you can visit the branch office. Branch staff will help you in starting your Keybank debit card.

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