How to Activate Global Cash Card?

How to activate a global cash card? In this article, learn how to start international cash cards in simple steps. The use of global cash cards is increasing rapidly nowadays.

To improve the payroll process and to make the paperless payroll use of global cash cards has increased. 

How to Activate Global Cash Card?

Having a global cash card in hand is like having money in your hand. You need to redeem the card. Here are the steps to activate an international cash card. 

1: After receiving the card, users need to global cash card activation portal. Here is the link to the portal:

2: Now, users need to log in to their global cash card account.

3: Users need to enter their card number and expiry date.

4: Users need to solve the robot captcha. Users need to solve the security check and confirm the security check.

5: Now, users need to enter the 16 digit card number. Now choose a username and password and a PIN.

6: Now, the user’s global cash card is activated.

How to Activate Global Cash Card Through Phone?

Activating a Global cash card through the phone is the easiest way. Users need to call on 1-866-395-9200which is the support number for the global cash app. You will be asked to provide basic details such as social security number, phone number, email, birth date, etc.

How to check Global Cash Card Balance?

Here are the steps to check your global cash card balance.

1: User can check their global cash card balance through

2: To check the balance, Text BAL to 28547 (Text STOP to 28547 to stop the service).

3: Users can also call on 888-220-4477 and follow the instructions.

After activating the global cash card, users can use their card for making payments, shopping.

Conclusion: By using the above two methods, users can activate global cash cards in simple steps. Users need to follow some simple steps to start an international cash card.

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